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Bronze Package


Bronze Package includes:

- 1 Instagram Feed Post(s) - Images and personalized caption on our IG Feed
- 1 Instagram Stories Post(s) with a link to a URL of your choice
- 1 TikTok Post - Image or Video tagging your business
- Custom Caption created by our social media and wedding experts
- Custom Hashtags to ensure local clients and your ideal client finds you

For questions please contact: theweddingpic1@gmail.com

Our Clients:
- Made SALES
- Increased Leads
- Increased Engagement
- Increased Profile views
- Increased Follower Count
- Increased Impressions

Join our community and bring your business to your targeted audience.

Audience of over 213k
Impressions - 3,200,000+/weekly
Reach Rate 677,900+/weekly
Daily Active followers 92.22% - 43,799
Gender Female (82%)

Note* All images and promotional material must be sent to theweddingpic1@gmail.com within 10 business days of your order.